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When you buy insurance from us, you get more than just financial safety. You also get: our promise of simplifying complex insurance terms and conditions, instant quotes from top insurers and being present for you in the toughest of times.

Horizon Insurance Agency’s vision is to become the number one trusted insurance agency in its target market and establish long term relationships with customers to help them live safer, more secure lives.


Orieta Kristo

Founder of Horizon Insurance

Introducing the one and only, Orieta Kristo! When she’s not pirouetting, you can find her being our biggest cheerleader at the office. Despite her natural talent of being a strong leader, Orieta is also our best friend. Who else can say that they look forward to seeing their boss every day?

With more than a decade's worth of experience in the industry, Orieta is the epitome of professional and altruistic. Helping others has played out to become an important part in her career, which she uses as a guiding principle professionally, personally, and spiritually. Thus, the reason behind founding Horizon in 2015.

A dream come true for Orieta.

With an impressive repertoire in our community, Horizon continuously grows each year. Our reputation means everything to us, which is why we pride ourselves in securing our clients with the protection that they deserve.

This spunky, active boy mom enjoys being one with Nature and loves to travel any chance she can get with her family. Oh, and she’s a total beach bum! Horizon is lucky to have such a kind, intelligent, and savvy entrepreneur like Orieta.

When she’s not lifting weights, you can find her reading enlightening/spiritual novels, brewing organic tea, appreciating the finer things in life, or meditating. A classic Gemini. Namaste.

Ju Mirepresim
Anjeza Konda

Account Manager

About Me

Looking for a quote on your home and auto? Anjeza is your girl. Pronounced Ah-nje-za. She’s been with Horizon from day one! Anjeza earned her Property & Casualty license in insurance and loves her work. She’s always eager and excited to assist our clients with their insurance needs. If you’d like to understand your policy and coverages better, look no further than Anjeza. She is 110% committed and will take great care of you.

Anjeza is our island baby. She lived 16 years in Crete, Greece where she lived her best life, but the American Dream was calling her name. With 3 languages in her back pocket and a strong work ethic, the sky's the limit! She earned her MBA in Management from Worcester State University.

When she’s not running your insurance quotes, Anjeza loves to enjoy quality time with her family by cooking authentic Mediterrean cuisine or going on outdoor walks. Anjeza’s key to life is organization & balance. In her spare time, you can find her eating delicious desserts, and enjoying listening/dancing to Greek music. Opa!

To speak with Anjeza,
contact her at anjeza@insurewithhorizon.com / 508 755 3555 ext 115

Σας περιμενουμε
Phat Vuù

Account Executive

About Me

Meet our commercial insurance specialist, Phat! He’s hard working and devoted, especially to his Vietnamese community. Phat is extremely knowledgeable in the industry and will help you understand your policies and coverages better. After a couple conversations together, you’ll feel confident and assured.

His dedication to go above and beyond is what sets him apart. Not to mention his superpower of extreme patience for dealing with 7 women in the office every day!

When he’s not helping our clients, you can find Phat either meditating in his office, or enjoying activities with his wife and three children! His version of paradise is being at the beach with a coconut in one hand and a beer in the other. Lover of seafood, specifically scallops, and enjoys playing pool and singing karaoke. Ladies and gentleman, this man can do it all.

To speak with Phat,
contact him at phat@insurewithhorizon.com / 508 755 3555 ext 114

Fluent in Vietnamese
Chúng tôi rất hân hạnhđược phụcvụquý khách
Ada Lapi

Account Executive / Renewal Specialist

About Me

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to come to work bursting with energy with a huge smile on your face? Well, that’s Ada!

Passionate, diligent, and honest; is a brief summary of what it feels like when you’re working with Ada. Her duty to our clients is extremely important to her, which is why you’ll feel at home with Ada. Her kindred spirit is bound to leave a long lasting impression, which is exactly the kind of attention you deserve at Horizon. Any conversation or interaction with her will surely leave you with a big smile :)

Ada is a fashion and beauty admirer. When she’s not perfecting her outfits, you can find her cooking, laughing, or spending time with her family. Graduating Assumption College with her MBA is one of her biggest accomplishments. She absolutely loves being a mom and pours her heart and soul into anything she sets her mind to.

To speak with Ada,
contact her at ada@insurewithhorizon.com / 508 755 3555 ext 111

Ju mirepresim!
Anisa Miliku

Account Executive

About Me

The sweetheart of Horizon with an infectious smile!

Anisa reviews your insurance policies year after year. She loves being an account executive in this industry, and takes pride in taking care of our clients. She transfers that same love and energy when it comes to you! You will feel it in every phone call or email. Anisa’s strong suit is being an excellent listener, which is how she successfully caters to your insurance needs.

Born and raised in Tirana, Albania, Anisa has always shared a deep love for big cities and traveling. She’s visited 8 countries in her lifetime and Vienna, Austria tops her list of best European cities! She is also fluent in 4 languages, loves to read novels, and looks forward to coming to work every day.

Anisa graduated with a Masters of Science; Translator and Conference Interpreter in Tirana, Albania.

When Anisa’s not working, she cherishes quality time at home with her family or taking weekend trips to different cities!

To speak with Anisa,
contact her at anisa@insurewithhorizon.com / 508 755 3555 ext 112

Saro felice di aiutarvi
Ich helfe gerne
Fluent in Albanian, Italian, and German
Eva Varfi

Service Coordinator

About Me

Everyone needs an Eva in their life! This enchanting soul is Horizon’s Service Coordinator. She’s attentive to detail, compassionate, selfless, strong willed, and is the funniest person on Earth.

Her skills come natural as she served 17 years as a manager in the food industry. When she’s not sweeping you off your feet with her Albanian accent, Eva enjoys going on long walks, bike rides with her family, and binge watching romance movies/shows. What’s the perfect vacation in Eva’s book? Swimming in the Ionian Sea or visiting Paris and trying their varieties of breads and cheeses. On the weekends, she enjoys a glass (or two) of her favorite drink, pomegranate margaritas with her husband. Cheers!

To speak with Eva,
contact her at eva@insurewithhorizon.com / 508 755 3555 ext 113

Fluent in Albanian
Ju mirepresim!
Raphaela Zaruha

Social Raph

About Me

The face behind the camera! Meet Raphaela, otherwise known as Social Raph.

In 2019, Raphaela joined forces with Horizon to revolutionize the insurance industry. Our online presence has never been the same!

Passionate about business and marketing, Raphaela is our content creator and digital marketing strategist. She absolutely loves working with our team and looks forward to days where she can surprise us with bagels or sweets. The opportunity to be creating and pursuing something she loves every day is a blessing. Who knew marketing insurance could be so fun?

When Raphaela is not curating our Instagram feed, you can find her buried behind a book! Our book worm is obsessed with reading and has a goal of achieving 50 books read this year. She holds a deep love for the ocean, but big cities as well; New York is her dream come true. You’ll find her either traveling, drinking an iced oat milk latte, doing Pilates, or spending quality time with her family and loved ones. This busy bee is always on the go.

To speak with Raphaela,
contact her at raphaela@insurewithhorizon.com

Va asteptam!

Office pup

About Me

Meet our office pup, Dresdon! Our sweet, loyal, and friendly companion who dreams of long walks at the park with his mom, dad, and brothers, Ari and Danny.

Fond of treats and swims in his pool, Dresdon is the best office dog anyone could ever have! If you’re lucky enough to meet him when you’re at the office, please say hello, Dresdon loves humans! (just please don’t bring your dog with you). If Dresdon could speak, he wouldn’t just say that you’re making a great decision by switching your insurance to Horizon, but that you should also think about your pets and give them proper pet insurance! Your furry friends will thank you ❤️ Woof!

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