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When you purchase a condo, you belong to a condo association. Your association has a Master Policy that covers the property, the physical structure of the condo + common areas.

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However, your personal property and liability is not covered under the Master Policy. This is why it’s important to have Condo Insurance (HO6).

Your coverages include

Your Part of the Building

Your condo’s master policy will cover the physical part of the building, while your Condo policy will cover the inside walls, ceiling, floors, additions, alterations and upgrades you make to your unit.

Personal Liability

If someone sues you after being injured in your condo unit or you're responsible for repairs after you accidentally damage another person's property, condo liability insurance may help pay for your expenses.

Personal Property

Your belongings – furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, décor, etc. – are covered under your policy, even if they are not in your unit. If you have high value items such as jewelry, fine arts and electronics, talk to us about higher limits.

Additional Living Expenses

If a covered loss prevents you from living in your unit, we will provide payment for temporary housing and food costs.

We take coverage seriously and we protect our policyholders against unexpected disasters. Let’s get you started on a condo quote today!

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