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Protect your personal information!

New technology means new ways to connect and store your life online, but it also leaves you exposed to new risks. On a daily basis, your personal information could get hacked, stolen, or extorted.

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It may seem unlikely, but the risk of experiencing a cyber-related crime increases as your online presence grows. Especially if you own an e-commerce business!

Any business with an online component or one that sends or stores electronic data might benefit from Cyber Insurance. Private personal data such as contact details of customers or staff, intellectual property, or sensitive financial data are all very lucrative to cyber criminals who could attempt to break into your network and steal it.

Cyber Insurance is your defense when the unexpected happens

Protection includes:

Cyber Attack

Pays for the cost of removing a virus or the reprogramming of computers and tablets, Wi-Fi routers, and other Internet access point

Cyber Bullying

Pays for the costs an individual may incur after a cyberbullying attack. Costs could include, legal expenses, temporary relocation expenses or private tutoring

Online Fraud

Reimbursement for direct financial losses due to identity theft, phishing schemes, illegal banking or credit card transfers, and other deceptions

Data Breach

Specialized review from a forensic IT and/or legal representatives as well as notification and recovery services when personal data and information entrusted to you is lost, stolen, or published

Home Systems Attack

Restoring devices connected to the Internet, including smart phones, thermostats, smart appliances, and security monitoring systems

Cyber Extortion

Professional assistance with responding to a ransomware attack and reimbursement for approved ransom payments

Stay protected and know that you’re getting the guidance you need with Cyber Insurance.

Let’s get started on protecting you.

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