Being Insured Vs Being Protected

As clients sit down to discuss their insurance needs at our office, I cannot help but notice a pattern.  People with significant assets are not rightly protected on their insurance policies. For a fraction of what they spend on very insignificant things, they could buy the peace of mind they deserve and will protect their assets and their families.

At Horizon, our agenda is to educating every single client of ours about the importance of being protected. Review clients’ policies and their financial situation, by explaining the very simple difference between being insured versus being protected.

To our big surprise most of them have never heard such a thing before. They are not aware of the difference and simply state that “we thought everything was taken care of”. 

As soon as we do what we do best explain to them what is needed to protect them they are happy to have met us.

If we take the example of a car insurance. A family with a home two cars and young children have bare bone state mandated coverage.  We find that this market needs to get a better protection on their auto and their homes but instead we see hard working people that spend all their living hours working hard for their families but neglect to protect them. The adequate protection costs much less than, not just the latte they buy in the morning, but for the amount of the tip they give to the barista that gives them the coffee.

As you go through life make it your aim to be protected rather than insured. I guarantee you the difference it cost less than your Starbucks latte and sometimes less than the tips you give to the barista that makes you the latte.  Don’t settle for less when it comes to insurance!

At Horizon we take the time to make sure you are properly covered and will pair you with one of our many carriers that we have, to offer the best coverage and solution for your insurance needs.

Orieta Kristo
Co-Founder /Owner Principal

Horizon Insurance LLC

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